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iMakerXR, where Industrial 3D Animation, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Industrial Metaverse, and Digital Twins converge.

Your Gateway to Immersive Excellence

At iMakerXR, we are your partners in innovation. We're dedicated to transforming complex systems into immersive, easy-to-understand experiences. How do we do it? By fusing our deep industry expertise with an unwavering passion for pushing the boundaries of extended reality (XR) across the spectrum.

Embracing the Future of Technology

We stand shoulder to shoulder with our industrial clients, harnessing cutting-edge marketing and immersive technology to empower them in various ways. Whether it's streamlining employee training, boosting product promotions, driving sales, or conveying their vision, we are here to make it happen. Our diverse, talented team, comprising engineers, programmers, animators, and designers, collaborates seamlessly to craft interactive, next-generation solutions tailored specifically for heavy industry.

Join us on a journey where innovation meets immersion, and let iMakerXR redefine your reality.


Virtual Reality Solutions

Elevate Your Reality with iMakerXR's Virtual Experiences

iMakerXR is your premier destination for fully immersive virtual reality solutions. We'll transport you to diverse environments and scenarios with just a VR headset. Whether it's guided virtual tours, big data visualizations, safety training, or industrial simulations, our VR experiences are meticulously crafted to cater to your specific requirements. Leveraging your geospatial, geological, and engineering data, we produce accurate simulations for your business, enhancing communication, cutting travel expenses, and facilitating low-risk validation and review. Discover the future of immersive experiences with our Virtual Reality Solutions.

Augmented Reality Solutions

Unleash the Potential of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has reshaped numerous industries, from entertaining Snapchat filters to transformative 3D brain projections in healthcare settings. iMaker is your trusted partner, offering augmented reality solutions tailored specifically for industrial applications. We seamlessly integrate interactive digital elements, including animated 3D models, information-rich visual overlays, and sensory projections, into the real world to enhance your experience. Whether you're focused on elevating product promotions, enriching employee training, or revolutionizing communication, our AR solutions meet your needs.

Explore the Augmented Reality Advantage

If augmented reality has captured your imagination, dive deeper into our Augmented Reality Solutions to discover the boundless opportunities that await you.

AR Goggles

Mixed Reality Solutions

Elevate Your Business with Mixed Reality

At iMakerXR, we seamlessly blend the physical and virtual realms to craft transformative mixed reality solutions that supercharge your business operations and boost employee productivity. Harnessing cutting-edge holographic technology, we conjure three-dimensional virtual objects you can engage with, revolutionizing real-time communication and enabling seamless remote work. Our MR solutions are designed to save you valuable time and resources while enhancing efficiency.

Discover the Potential of Mixed Reality

If you believe our Mixed Reality Solutions can bring a new dimension to your business, take the next step and explore how we can redefine your reality.

3D Animation Solutions

Industrial 3D Animation

Industrial 3D animation is a game-changer for clients in sectors like mining, oil and gas, and utilities. This cutting-edge technology transforms complex data, processes, and equipment into vivid, interactive visualizations. For mining, it means realistic simulations of mine sites, aiding in safety training and site planning. In the oil and gas industry, it helps visualize intricate drilling procedures and pipeline operations, facilitating better decision-making and risk management. In utilities, 3D animation optimizes maintenance and repair procedures for critical infrastructure.

Unlock the World of 3D Animation

If the prospect intrigues you, delve deeper into our 3D Animation solutions. With a robust portfolio boasting over 250 industrial animations, we're equipped to provide you with a tailored selection relevant to your industry for your review. Explore the possibilities.

TV Screen
Virtual World on a Macbook Pro

Virtual Worlds

Embark on a Digital Odyssey

At iMakerXR, we transform your business data into captivating virtual worlds that consolidate all your products and solutions in a single, accessible hub. This custom 3D environment can be explored from virtually any digital device, allowing users to delve into industrial challenges, explore solutions, and discover products that streamline their operations. Our Virtual Worlds are meticulously tailored to your industry and business, ensuring a personalized experience.

We've got your industry covered from mining to automation, power generation to manufacturing. Explore how our virtual worlds can revolutionize your business, regardless of your sector.

Interactive Models

iMakerXR helps you enhance your customer experience and increase sales by creating interactive models of your products with which your clients can interact. We use your product’s exact specifications to construct a digital product model with realistic texture and shading. Users can zoom in, rotate, and closely examine the digital model through your website, improving engagement and leaving a lasting impression.

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