Mining Metaverse

iMakerXR, formerly ImageMaker Inc., is dedicated to serving the global mining industry. With over 23 years of experience, we specialize in creating mining metaverse, extended reality applications, and dynamic 3d animation applications tailored specifically for the mining sector. Our team possesses a deep understanding of the unique requirements of the mining industry and the incredible impact of 3D visualization.

Our mining metaverse, virtual reality, and 3D visualizations are renowned for their precision and impact. We excel at producing immersive virtual environments, accurate mine site layouts, captivating aerial tours, detailed depictions of mining processes, and realistic ore body renderings.

We work with Fortune 500 companies, major North American corporations, and emerging entities, providing 3D visualization solutions that empower businesses when engaging in government negotiations, community engagement, and investor relations. These mutli-faceted 3D presentations are used at meetings, trade shows, websites, and on social media.

With a track record of over 350 successful mining projects for a diverse range of firms, we have earned the trust of industry leaders like Teck Resources, Newmont Corporation, Cleveland-Cliffs Inc., and many more.

Our services cover:

  1. Mining metaverse and digital twinning.

  2. Health and Safety, including accident reconstruction.

  3. Mining 3D animations tailored for investors and public relations.

  4. Virtual and augmented reality solutions for mining.

  5. Interactive presentations.

  6. Mine layout, ore body, and underground visualizations.

  7. Mining methodology demonstrations.

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Mining Metaverse

Case Study

Trilogy Metals | The Arctic Deposit
Trilogy Metals enlisted iMakerXR to develop a virtual reality application where users can explore the remote Alaskan Arctic Deposit site and view the considerable work that has gone into planning the development, production and reclamation phases of the project.
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