Explore iMakerXR's portfolio and see how 3D animation and virtual reality revolutionize industries. Dive into projects across mining, oil and gas, and more. We helped clients enhance training, improve safety, and boost efficiency. Witness VR simulations for trainees, clear 3D animations, and interactive experiences. Discover how iMakerXR can craft a custom XR solution to transform your business.

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Teck Future Mine – What Mining Could Look Like in the Future

Sterling Crane – Two Cranes Replace a Heavy Oil and Gas Reactor

Maestro Digital Mine – Underground Mine Ventilation and Automation

Tara Resources – Brskovo Mine Presentation

Tara Resources – IWMF Process – Integrated Waste Management Facility

Tara Resources – Brskovo Mine – Montenegrin Language

MST Global – Safety and Tracking

Xylem Industrial Solutions – Mining (Water Positive)

Health and Safety – Teck – Greenhills Operations – Potential Fatal Occurrence

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