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Industrial Mixed Reality Solutions

Transformative Mixed Reality Solutions for Industrial Clients

At iMakerXR, we seamlessly blend the digital and physical realms to create immersive mixed reality solutions for your business. Our innovative approach incorporates holographic technology to seamlessly integrate virtual objects into the real world. By utilizing advanced tools like the Microsoft HoloLens and smart glasses, you can interact with these holographic elements through gaze, hand gestures, and voice commands. Experience a new dimension where the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds dissolve, empowering you to interact, manipulate, and engage with holographic objects like never before.

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Industrial Mixed Reality

Where Real and Virtual Worlds Unite

iMakerXR is the gateway where real and virtual worlds come together. Our expert team crafts bespoke mixed reality solutions designed to address your unique business needs, facilitating seamless communication, data sharing, and collaboration. These solutions empower your workforce with critical, real-time data on-site, enhancing safety, efficiency, and the overall quality of work. It's a transformative convergence that ensures your operations remain at the forefront of innovation and productivity, blending the best of both worlds.

Mixed Reality Industrial Applications

Remote Assistance

Enhance collaboration and efficiency by seamlessly working together across different locations with Dynamics 365 Remote Assist on HoloLens. This cutting-edge tool brings remote assistance to a whole new level, ensuring that experts and workers can collaborate in real-time despite physical distance.


Empower your workforce with real-time guidance during their daily tasks through our Guide feature. These holographic instructions are delivered precisely when and where they are needed. Visual cues are tethered to the location where a task is performed and can include images, videos, and 3D holographic models, making training and on-the-job support more accessible and effective.

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