Teck Health and Safety Animations

Teck Health and Safety Animations

Teck Resources, concerned about safety in mining, partnered with iMakerXR to create a precise 3D visualization of a near-fatal incident during a tire change at Greenhills Operations. Using point cloud data and reference photos, iMakerXR recreated the scene, equipment, and key contributing factors. The resulting video shares insights and safety lessons to help prevent future incidents, reflecting Teck’s commitment to safety.

Client: Teck Resources Inc.
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Service: 3D Animation / Video
Industry: Mining


Mining is considered one of the most hazardous industries, where tragic accidents and fatalities sadly remain commonplace. In 2019, this reality became all too real for a contracted partner while performing duties at Teck’s Greenhills Operations. During a routine tire change, an incident occurred that nearly took the life of a mechanic. Recognizing health and safety as one of its strategic priorities and responsibilities, Teck completed a thorough investigation of the incident to identify and mitigate the risks involved. It then planned to develop a detailed 3D visualization to share its findings from the incident investigation both within and beyond the mining industry.


Teck Resources turned to iMakerXR, a trusted expert in crafting detailed and precise 3D visualizations, to create an authentic 3D reconstruction of the accident. iMakerXR’s experienced 3D production team worked closely with Teck’s Health and Safety department to develop an accurate, step-by-step depiction of the series of events that led to the potentially fatal occurrence. Using point cloud data and reference photographs, iMakerXR built a true to life representation of the truck shop where the incident took place and modeled the exact make and models of the vehicle and equipment involved. Working with the findings of the HPI Investigation Summary Report and forensic analysis of the equipment failure, key contributing factors are depicted in realistic detail. The video also shares key learnings from the incident, all aimed at helping prevent a similar incident from happening again.

“The response to sharing the GHO incident animation publicly has been amazing. We’ve had close to 25,000 views on one platform alone and the recognition of Teck’s leadership in the area of incident sharing has been exceptional. Several people have contacted me to let me know that they have started checking their tire management practices to help prevent a similar incident in their business.”

– Lawrence Watkins, Vice President, Health and Safety


About the Company:

Teck is one of Canada’s leading mining companies, focused on providing products that are essential to building a better quality of life for people around the globe. As a learning organization, Teck not only works hard to maximize incident investigation learnings internally, but Teck also expresses their core value in health and safety by sharing these learnings both inside and outside the mining industry.

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