Xylem in Augmented Reality

Xylem in Augmented Reality

Xylem partnered with iMakerXR to create an AR-based platform, enabling users to engage with and gain insights into the features and benefits of their range of industrial pumps. This collaborative effort enhances Xylem’s marketing, training, and sales endeavors for both their in-house teams and distribution partners, while also assisting customers in identifying the ideal solution for their specific requirements.

Client: Xylem Inc.
Location: New York, United States
Service: Augmented Reality
Industry: Utilities


Due to the considerable size and intricate nature of Xylem’s product range, consistently presenting their products to distributors, potential customers, and trade show attendees has proven to be a recurring challenge. To address this challenge, Xylem sought the expertise of Metaphor XR to assist in creating a cutting-edge digital solution for marketing, training, and sales purposes.


Recognizing the challenges at hand, iMakerXR embarked on a journey to leverage augmented reality (AR) technology, resulting in an innovative digital solution that amplifies marketing, training, and sales efforts. Through a collaborative effort with Xylem’s engineering and marketing teams, iMakerXR meticulously crafted a customized AR platform designed to showcase Xylem’s range of industrial pumps.

This distinctive platform empowers users to interact with, animate, and deconstruct the products, unveiling their numerous benefits. It stands as a valuable resource for customers, distributors, and Xylem personnel, equipping them to make well-informed decisions regarding training and sales. This sophisticated AR application immerses users in a comprehensive exploration of the inner workings of Xylem’s pumps, ultimately enhancing their comprehension of the products and elevating overall engagement.

About the Company:

Xylem Inc. is a Fortune 1000 global water technology provider based in the United States. With over 17,000 employees and a portfolio of well-known global brands, Xylem is committed to solving water by creating innovative and smart technology solutions to meet the world’s water, wastewater and energy needs.

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